Friday, April 30, 2010

The pains of changing your name !

Ok, so I just got our marriage license back- now the hastle of getting married starts..."The name change". It's bad enough women have to have babies, have a monthly period, remember everything, cook, clean, now this too. So first things first, I will start today with heading to the social security office to get my name changed there. Do I go with first- middle -new last, first -old last -new last, OR since I actually go by my middle name should I drop my first or switch them around? So many decisions...geez! Well, to be honest I needed to go to the social security office anyways. I guess they have me listed under the wrong D.O.B. anyways. They show me a year older and I haven't been able to e-file my tax returns for the past 3 years because of it. Yes, I know, I have known for 3 years and haven't done anything about it. It is terrible, I know! I was going to do it last year, then time flew and I got engaged so I decided to wait and do it all at once. So, today I will go there. It is in the slum areas of Atlanta and takes forever, so I think I will have Allan go with me. That is the least he can do, right?!

Then, after I do that I have to go to the DMV and get a new license. Oh joy! I mean I am not looking forward to this because my current license still has my picture and WEIGHT (LOL) from freshman year in college....time to update that I guess. Oh, and the address is from like 5 or 6 homes know when you are in college you go from apartment to apartment, so it is not completely unreasonable, right?

Then, I have to mail in all the stuff to update my passport. There are ups and downs to this. My current picture sucks, so that is ok, but I am going to loose all my stamps :( and $100.

After that, I have to alert voter registeration...I guess since Obama is only a year in I have a couple years to put this one off, right?! Just kidding people, take it easy.

After those things, I have to update my banking info, order new checks, change my credit card, update my 401k, stocks, mortgage company, utilities, and check my credit report.

Then, there are all the other things like facebook account, email addresses, HR stuff at work, insurance policies, gym memberships, alumni organizations and more...OMG WHO thinks of all this stuff??? I am going to be doing this crap for the rest of the year!

Ok, so here is my recommendation to all newlywed women out there. We all know marriage is work and every day you have to work at it to make it last. Work people, make it last- can you imagine getting divorced and having to switch all this crap back, heck no!!!

AL, honey, I think I will deserve a spa day after all this is complete :)

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