Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Fever....we have it!

So I have talked about this before, but does anyone else have the baby itch? Allan and I just got married in April and have only been together for almost 2 years, but we cannot wait to have a baby. Everyone around us is having babies- his friends, which is pretty normal because they are hitting their 30's- but even my friends who are mostly mid 20's. I am begining to think there is just something in the air...and it is spreading like wild fire. We don't know when the timing is right, I mean who does? I think people either reach a certain point or age in their life where they decide to go for it now before they lose their chance, or it just suprises you, but either way most of the time they are in for a suprise and definitely a life changing event. Where we are in our lives we feel like we can handle it, we don't want to say it is going to happen this month or say we are going to wait a year...we just will see what happens, but if it doesn't happen with in 2 years, we will be visiting a doctor, lol. There are many reasons for us to wait and reasons for us to go ahead and do it, so who knows...! My best friend is pregnant and she is letting the sex of the baby be a suprise- who does that right? Well, she does. Her and her husband are care- free and simple, and I think it is so cool how they are going to let it be a suprise, I could never do it, so I envy them and I cannot wait to see what it is going to be- I am guessing girl by the way! They are picking names for both and the initials will be the same if it is a girl or boy, which is cool. For as long as I can remember, I have always known I wanted to be a mom some day and have been picking out my baby names, but my favorites have changed over the yearts, so this has me thinking...what will Allan and I name our babies? I have my favs, but you just never know until you are planning what you will go with.

My top girl names are:
Peyton, Chloe, Adrianna, Avery, Zoe, Sofia, Bailey, Mallory, Olivia
My top boy names are:
Mason, Parker, Logan, Miles, Landon, Owen, Max, Brady, Brody, Nathan "Nate" for short

For the girl middle name definitely Rose- it was my grandma's middle name
For the boy middle name...want to do something with a family name, but haven't decided

My favs are of course based on how they sound with my new last name and other things as well. You will see the influence to the TV shows I love in here, lol, but I think that is ok. I know 1 day Allan and I will be selecting our babies name and I know we will both be extremely excited to do so.

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