Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going out of town this weekend, leaving pups with 2 friends.

So this weekend Allan and I are headed to Florida to meet our new baby nephew Aidan. We decided to fly since we are limited on time and my mom is already booked to dog sit for my sister this weekend, which means we had to find someone else to watch Oreo and Otis. Oreo still doesn't absolutely love the thought of Otis, I mean for the most part she loves him and gets along with him, but every once in a while she just decides she has had enough and goes off on him- which makes me nervous, so we decided we would seperate them for the weekend so that no one else has to possibly deal with the 2 of them fighting. See, Otis is very timid. He cowards down to our neighbors 2 pound chihuahua and rubs up next to her saying, "be my friend, be my friend". He is the cutest, sweetest little guy ever- and thank god for that, because Oreo is definitely the Alpha dog in our house. She does not like other dogs being in her house and boy does she not like them coming near the bed. So this weekend Oreo will be staying with my best friend who does not have another dog in the house, so she should be fine. Otis is staying with a good friend of mine from work, who does have another dog, and I know he is in good hands. I wish I didn't have to seperate them, and I hope they don't suffer any emotional distress from this, so crazy how just leaving town for a couple of days and the thought of our pups not being there makes me sad already...

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