Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday's, Monday's, Monday's...

Oh Monday's, how I do dread you. Isn't it funny how on Monday's when you ask someone at work "how are you" and you get the response "Oh you know, It's Monday". I am guilty of it too, but it is just amusing how your mood and outlook depends on the day of the week. Tuesday's are always better days than Monday's, Thursday is always better than Wednesday and Friday is always nice because the weekend is right around the corner. When really, if you are anything like my husband and I, the weekends are just as busy and filled with work as the workday's, but it just feels different. I guess planting and putting down pinestraw is at least something you get immediately paid back for when you look at how much better your yard looks, where as work you only get paid every 2 weeks and the money goes right towards bills. I try to remember to be thankful to have Monday's to dread- lol. Not many people are blessed enough to love their jobs, but just be happy you have one and even happier if you have one that you don't absolutely hate. Work for us is very demanding, blackberries that you have to answer all times of the day, big meetings to prepare for with executive management, etc. But...there are plenty of people without jobs, plenty of people who cannot afford to go out to a nice dinner or even buy groceries, so this Monday, let's all be thankful for our jobs.

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