Monday, May 17, 2010

My weekend

So Friday Allan and I went to Lowes and got some stepping stones to complete our back yard and yes, yes...we got some patio furniture!! Woohoo!!! I have been trying to find a set that Allan liked for so long and he finally agreed to one. It was kind of pricey, but after looking at 100 sets, I just wanted to have some seating out there, so we got it and it looks great. His friends from Albequerque and Florida came in and stayed at our place. They are buying a jewerly store and moving here in a couple of months with their families. I think it is soooo cool that they are taking this kind of risk and going for something they believe in. Like his friend Dubi said, what is the worst that can happen? He is so right, I mean if it were to fail, they would just get regular jobs again, but they are moving somewhere new and great for their families and giving it their all, I think it is totally awesome!

Also this weekend a boxer wandered in our yard...Oreo HATES boxers. My sister has a boxer who Oreo does not get along with so immediately she tries to attack the dog. THANK GOD the dog was friendly and did not fight back. Allan and Sean catch the dog and spend an hour or so walking it around trying to find its owner...nothing. So we tie it up, we call the police, the animal shelter- but since the dog is not aggressive, no one will come get it. Then, someone reports a missing Bull Mastif- which ironically looks VERY similar to a boxer and both dogs had red collars. I thought ok, for sure this is the owner. So we finally get in touch with the guy, but he is drunk and about 15 minutes away. So by 2 am he sobers up and after probably 10 phone calls back and forth he comes to pick up "George". It wasn't his dog... so we let the dog go. Sunday, the dog was still sitting on our patio, he was attached :(

Ugh, we did not know what to do at this point, so we call my mom and she is such a good mommy she drives up to pick George up until we get the owner- or a new owner for him. Needless to say, he was reported missing this morning, so now the guy has to drive an hour each way to pick up his dog- that's what he gets- take care of your animals people!

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