Friday, May 7, 2010

Officially, Officially a Changar...

ok, so the Social Security office ended up being painless. Other than the slight smell of urine in the building, it was quick and easy, now just waiting on my card to get here. Today, I changed my name at the bank, the hair salon, my credit card, car insurance (I combined our accounts and we are saving $200 a year, whoop whoop) license. I am missing my old, younger picture and my old, better weight, lol...but it's ok I needed to update the address anyways, it was like 10 addresses ago. So now I think of what's left. Mortgage, gym, regions/rental bank account, health savings account, work payroll, and passport- which I have GOT to mail since we have a trip planned for Canada the 1st of July...I know, I am slacking, I got the pics and all paperwork filled out, I just have to make it to the post office to send certified mail.

If I am leaving anything out, let me know... :)

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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