Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sandals Vacations!

[caption id="attachment_160" align="aligncenter" width="130" caption="My 1 month cookie bouquet!"][/caption]So on Monday my hubby and I celebrated our 1 month anniversary being married. I know some of you are laughing saying 1 month, that is nothing, and you are right, I mean don't get me wrong we hope to 1 day be celebrating 25 and 50 years being married, but life is not guaranteed and we were happy to be married 1 month. He got me these adorable cookies arranged in a bouquet and they are delish! So being married 1 month got me thinking about our honeymoon. We met sooo many great couples while we were there- 2 inparticular our now our facebook friends and we plan to keep in touch with them a very long time. We had a destination wedding which entailed a lot of planning, so while I did want to go to Greece and stay in a little place on the Mediterranean, I just couldn't imagine planning a wedding and huge trip, so I decided to put Greece to the side and book an all expenses paid, stress free vacation to Montego Bay through Sandals.

First off, they always have great sales. We booked our trip for 65% off!!! Secondly, all food and drinks are included. I don't really drink much, but Allan definitely does and that can get very expensive. Now, they are a little stingy with the liquor, so Allan figured out right away to ask for a double and become friendly with the bar tenders slipping them a dollar here and there, so I do recommend if you like your drinks a little stronger, do that! In Montego Bay there are 3 Sandals resorts within a 5 minute radius, so there was probably about 10 restaurants to choose from. The food overall was excellent! We did a couple 5 course meals and did a couple beachside grills for lunch and everything was good. Again, all paid for, no tipping or anything. Oh and did I mention the shuttle back and forth between resorts is free too! Now, can do the activities inside the resort like sailing, snorkeling, diving, parasailing and all that kind of stuff for free, but anything outside of the resort is pricey- but that is pretty standard. We did 2 outside activities during our 5 day stay and it was plenty. During the other days we mainly stayed on the beach, but they always had fun things going on. Our first night there was a HUGE beach party at night and a little meet and greet during the day. We played couples games like which couple could pop the balloons while bouncing on eachother the fastest, which was hilarious! Allan even entered a little dancing contest. We played beer pong on the beach and flip cup.

For anyone who wants a stress free vacation with little to no planning and without spending a fortune, Sandal is definitely the way to go! The people are great, the resort is accomodating and you are guaranteed to meet some great people, it is 99% couples and no children under 18 are aloud, so it really couldn't get any more relaxing. Sometimes I like to just close my eyes and imagine being on the beach in a lounge chair sipping a Jamaican Smile and having not a worry in the world.

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