Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today has been a stressful day!

Whew, it has been quite a day at work today. I stayed up until 10:30 last night putting together a power point for an investor presentation today. Change this, change that, I don't like those colors, put it in this order....AHHHHHH, these people were driving me crazy. All of my slides were done by 5 pm, but some how I was the lucky one to be chosen to pull all of everyone else's slides together. I told them yesterday I would be in late today, but the emails began at 8 am to once again update the slide show that I thought was so badly needed to be finalized the night before. I just so happen to be in on time, because I went to sit for the CPA exam and they wouldn't let me since my last name didn't match my notice to schedule. I had my marriage license and my birth certificate, but they refused. I have called and emailed the Georgia coordinator about 10 times and NO RESPONSE! This is the "only person that can help me" and I have basically forfeited my $300 to take the exam according to the 3 people from NASBA that I spoke with. I have had nothing to do with this project up to this point and now I am having to explain other people's numbers...I mean really?!?!! When things don't even foot and they are hard coded in excel, how am I supposed to tell where the numbers came from, sometimes I do think these things just fall out of their ass. Work is getting worse and worse, I try to come in and as I would say it "just smile" and be thankful for my job, but sometimes it is hard. I mean we are all on the term list somewhere and they are getting pretty deep into the list, so who knows. And then, somedays I think I am safe, but then they will make a decision that I just don't get....OH not to mention my husband works here too....Yes, they support it for now, but maybe tomorrow there will be a new policy saying it is not allowed. Ugh, stress....why, why, why. You know the old saying, "don't put your eggs all in one basket?"- that is the saying, right?- well I am completely unboard with that saying. We definitely both want to keep our jobs for now, but probably not a great idea to think of this place as our long term career spot....I mean, I am just saying.

Ok, well that is all for now, I have to get back to reality!

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