Thursday, May 6, 2010

You and your partner on the same page?

So last night me and my hubby were watching Tough Love Couples and the theme was about couples being or not being in some cases, on the same page in their relationship. They were asking the couples questions like:

- Is it ok for your partner to dance with someone of the opposite sex?
- Is it ok to flirt?
- Is it ok for your partner to fantasize about someone else?

It was pretty funny to see how different some of the couples answered these questions, so it got me thinking, hell, Allan and I really haven't ever answered these questions ourselves. On the show the guy recommended that you write down a bunch of questions like these and you each answer them, then you go over the questions where you had different answers and discuss them and decide together on a response that you will both be happy with. After all, for any relationship to work you have to communicate and you HAVE to be on the same page. I think this would be a pretty fun and interesting exercise for any couple to do, I am betting Allan and I will do pretty well. Yes honey you can dance with girls, keep it clean though, but No flirting and NO fantasizing (like I would know if he did, right).

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