Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Facebook pet peeves

So I was reading one of the blogs I follow and there was a post about the love hate relationship people have with facebook and I thought it was funny. I had my facebook page for a long time and very rarely got on- even when I do now it is for 5 minutes b/c I am bored and just want to see if there is any new pics of friends. Sometimes I think I should just get rid of it, but then I lose my connection to so many old friends. But, facebook is quite frustrating sometimes. Some of the many things that frustrate me are:

- How it sends me all these silly game updates for games I am not even a part of- I mean I don't care if you milked a cow on farmville this morning

-People who post 10 status updates a day. "Went to the store, bought milk, came home, took a nap, cooked dinner, ...." I mean really?? Who Cares?! Thank goodness for the hide button that is now available to hide people's status updates who you really don't care to read

-People who use it to be mean to other people- why? It is to connect with friends, not act like a 12 year old and start drama

-People who constantly make comments about their political views and put down others...I mean I get it, I am a firm believer in To Each is Own, but c'mon, you know all your facebook friends don't have the same beliefs and that is fine, but if all your posts are about politics/religion, etc then facebook probably isn't the right platform

Those are just a few. Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with facebook/myspace/twitter??

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