Monday, June 7, 2010

My weekend review...

Friday my hubby and I worked from home which was nice because we got to sneak out and have lunch together. Then, we had dinner at a mexican restaurant with friends and went to see "Killers"- which was very cute. Man, Ashton Kutcher is so HOT! Saturday, we ran many errands, went through DVD's, took a big truckload of items to the goodwill, got some new silverware, which we love, went to the gym and did some clean up around the house. We also had our usual Saturday breakfast at IHOP. Saturday night was date night! We were celebrating 1 year since we got engaged so we went to an AWESOME italian restaurant and then we went to the Diner and got desert to go. We rented a movie and ate our cake in bed, which was delish and called it a night. Sunday, Allan made me breakfast in bed, LOVE our new waffle maker, we did more errands and clean up, went on a walk and went to our friends for a cookout. It was a great weekend! This week our friends are moving to Atlanta, so begining on Saturday we will have a very packed house. It is definitely going to take me some adjusting, but that is what friends are for.

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