Monday, June 21, 2010

My weekend review

Friday the hubs and I worked from home which was nice. That evening we had our neighborhood block party. Our prez decided we couldn't use HOA funds b/c of some non sense, so Adrienne (VP) and I (treasurer) ended up paying our own money to host the party- which is absolutely ridiculous, but you know...whatever. I mean we have 8 houses in our neighborhood, I think the HOA could have paid $50 to support the summer kick off, but it's over now, so I will move on. The party was fun, until our dogs got in a big fight over a raw hide at our neighbors house. Poor Otis was hurt once again. Saturday we woke up and spent about 7 hours helpnig our friends move into their rental...well Allan mostly was the one helping, but I was there too, lol. It took forever...but that's what friends do. We came home, rested, then went to Lowes and to get Allan's hair cut. At lowes we picked up some around the house projects (cabinets for the laundry room and a new ceiling fan for the office). I am really starting to love these little home projects, next weekend we are going to start our built in cabinets in the living room! :) Saturday night we had dinner at apple bee's...yummy, chocolate molten cake is my FAV! Then we rented some vampire movie that I cannot remember the name of- it was gross but a good movie. Sunday, Allan completed the new projects- which look great! I have the best hubby ever!!! oH, and we did the usual IHOP run for breakfast...I wanted to make him breakfast in bed, but we still had guests in our house, so I had to postpone until next weekend. Then, my Dad, step mom and sister came over and we cooked out for father's day and played a little lawn darts. It was a good weekend, lots of hard work, but I enjoyed spending so much time with my husband. Looking forward to him being a daddy next year on father's day (we hope).

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