Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Baby this month...

So as you all know when Allan and I find out we are having a baby, we will be super, duper excited. My dad- probably not so much, lol. Anyways, we are not in a mega hurry, but we will be thrilled whenever it does happen. Not this month though, so now we just try, try again. And the trying part is the key. Although we are newlyweds, lately we have been soooo stressed out with work and everything else going on that we are neglecting eachother, but we talked about it and we know our marriage is our #1 priority- so that being said, we will give it another go and a month from now see. For now, we are leaving it in God's hands to decide when is the right time, but in about 6 months or so if we still haven't had any luck, we will visit the doctor to get their opinions also. Stay tuned.

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