Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's work meeting

So today the CEO of our company decided to finally give the corporate employees an update on the business. Are we going bankrupt? Is he leaving the company? etc. He begins by saying no, he is not planning on leaving the company and we are not just going to roll over and file bankruptcy, that the cuts are just cleaning house and they are needed. Then, he proceeds to ask employees over and over to step it up. Step it up, or there is the elevator. Step it up people, complacency will not be allowed! Ok, I mean yes, I agree that the people who stink at their jobs should probably be let go, but to the others who were listening and are working their asses off, this was probably not the best thing to boost their morale. We already only have a handful of employees who I would  consider valuable. The rest- you could go grab someone semi intelligent off the streets and replace. I mean I hate to say that, but do believe it is true. So why would you want to run the good ones away? It makes no sense. I would already bet that 80+% of the good employees are looking for new jobs and don't think today's meeting helped. I am been fortunate at this company, I have been moving up, receiving raises and treated pretty descent, but my husband hasnot been treated as well! He works his ass off- and is SOOOO Smart! Weird, being with him made me realize 2 things: 1. How good I have had it here and 2. How bad some other people have had it. Stay tuned....

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