Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Have you ever heard of Gout??

My poor hubby started complaining last Tuesday that his foot hurt. His big toe was swollen and he literally could not walk on his foot. We did some research and found out that he has gout. So if you are like me you are thinking, what the heck is that?? Well, it is caused from having too much uric acid. Your big toe is the most common place for it, but people get it in their feet or hands. Things that cause it are:  seafood, low carb diets, and scotch...well we had just got back from Canada where he was eating lots of seafood and drinking a whole lot of Johnney Walker Black- Scotch! He never drinks this, but he is paying the price now. I joke with him about being an alcoholic, but I really feel bad for him. He is in a lot of pain I know because for the past week almost every night between 2 and 4 am I don't sleep because he is up groaning. Hopefully he will feel better soon, but just wanted to share this very painful, accute disease with you all.

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