Monday, July 12, 2010

My best friend's ultra sound

So on Friday, I got to go to the ultra sound with my besty and it was soooo cool. It is so amazing looking at the baby. You can see the brain, the spinal cord, the little arms and legs kicking. Only thing we didn't see were the goodies. :( I tried to not bring it to her attention, but she remembered to mention that she didn't want to know the sex right before the tech began, I could tell she wanted to know a little bit, but she stuck to her guns and said she wanted it to be a surprise....boooo!!! I want to know, I want to have a welcome gift ready for my baby neice or nephew. I have a feeling it is a girl, but I have been wrong many times before. It is just that everyone we know is having baby boys, so someone is bound to have an adorable little baby girl. One thing is for sure, I cannot wait to find out, it is so exciting for them and I am so happy to have shared such a special moment with my best friend. Now, I have to start planning her shower...exciting!!!

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