Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My last day at work...

So today was my last day at work- it's just a job right, I mean why o why am I so extremely emotional right now?!! I am feeling sooo emotional today leaving my job. Yes, I am very comfortable there, I have been there 3 years and worked hard to have people at all levels respect me. I have moved up and proven myself there, but more than that, I met my husband there and for the past 2 years we have driven to work together, eaten breakfast together, had lunch together, went to Dr. appointments together, drove home and hit the gym together- we have done everything together. Some people may say gee, so much time together and we definitely had moments where we felt that way also, but we are husband and wife and we love each other...I am also leaving behind my best friend. My best friend lives an hour away and for so long we didn't see eachother enough because of living so far from eachother, then I got her a job there and we saw eachother daily, it was so amazing being able to spend each day with not only my husband, but also my best friend. I am really, really going to miss those times and feel like I didn't soak them up enough while I could and now all of a sudden, just like that, they are actually gone. I am so sad, but also happy, nervous, scared, and more. This has been a big day for me and will probably take me some time to adjust and feel "normal" again- because I can say for sure, right now and for the past week, I have just been a sobbing, emotional wreck!

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