Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Travel hot spots

So I was reading another great Nest topic about affordable European trips.http://ideas.thenest.com/love-and-sex-advice/couple-travel-ideas/Slideshows/Affordable-Europe.aspx?page=6 and I was thinking about my constantly evolving list of places that I (well, me and AL) would like to visit and thought, I should start keeping a list. Of course this is always changing and depending on time in our lifes, money, etc the trips may change orders too, but I am going to list them in semi order of favorites.


1) Uruguay

2) Europe- Paris, Italy (again with AL), and more

3)Vegas (again with AL- he has never been)

4)Catalina California (hear it is beautiful here)


6)Napa Valley (want to smoosh grapes)

7)New York City (around Christmas time with AL to see the shows and the lights, love it there at this time)

8)Mexico- it is cheap and beautiful

9)Bahamas/Turks & Caicos

10)mini trips to our new love of bed and breakfast's :)

11)Key Largo- we got married here and it is one of our most favorite places

12)San Diego and San Francisco - just because.


Ok...think this is an ok list for now, but there are so many more places we would love to go. I want to plan 1 big trip out of the country at least every 2 years and then mini ones between in the states.

Some of the coolest places I have been are Hawaii, Italy, Key Largo, Tobago and Jamaica!

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