Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One of the most frightening things in the world to me...

So it is no secret that the hubby and I cannot wait to expand our family. We are patient and having fun being newlyweds and just practicing, but it seems lately the topic of infertility is all around me and I know it shouldn't, but it freaks me out! Not being able to have a baby would be absolutely devastating to me. I have had quite a few health issues with my stomach and I know it is 2 different areas, but I always worry maybe I won't be able to have babies. We have seen friends and friends of friends struggle and it is just terrible. In my latest magazine there was a huge article about infertility and how 20 % of couples that is 1 out of 5- are not able to have a baby, between those couples, 40% is the females problem, 30% the males, 20% is the combination of the male and female and 10% is unknown....how scarey that 1 out of 5 couples are not able to have babies. The article goes on to describe how infertility is like cancer was 20 years ago. People are embarrassed about it and they don't like to talk about it, so no research efforts are being able to really dig into this. Then, on the view they dedicated a whole hour to this topic. I just happen to be home from work this day and catch this episode as well....again, they discussed how it is so much more common then people think. Most insurance does not cover baby efforts of infertile couples, so couples will spend ten thousands and thousands of dollars trying to have a baby, each time getting their hopes up and then getting let down over and over again. My heart goes out to these people and I pray every night that one day Allan and I will be able to have a happy, healthy family of our own. Would I adopt? I don't know...maybe, but I would be one of those people who would go through every other option before even thinking about it. I just feel like we are meant to be parents and cannot wait to see our baby one day- but all this infertility talk did freak me out. We have time and we are in no rush, sometimes I think wow how our life will change when we have a baby and it makes me be a little more patient, but then I think wow how our life will change and I get excited, so I definitely hit my baby want times and ok, let's be patient times, but overall it will happen when God wants us to be parents and we will be in love until then :)

What about you? What are your biggest fears?

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