Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Love Story...How we met

I met my amazing husband at work. He worked in IT and I was in Finance. I had just got my best friend a job at our company and he was hooking up her computer and we were chatting and started saying hi and noticing eachother in the halls and such. Then, over the next several weeks, I got emails about Friday happy hours from him, but declined. During these few weeks every time there was a problem with my computer or email, he would be there to fix it and he had been there 6 months at the time and I didn't even know his name, so this was odd. Finally, one week I told my best friend "please just let's go to this happy hour so he will quit asking us" (LOL). We get there and it was him, me and my friend, haha there was no real happy hour!!! We went and didn't really hit it off, but I knew he was a very nice guy and funny. So then the next week we went to lunch with a group and chatted more and went out for another happy hour- this is when we REALLY hit it off. I had butterflies! :) From then on, we began dating and going to more lunches and chatting on BBM ( Black Berry messenger) and it was fun. About 2 weeks in from just hanging at work and lunches, he asked if it would be ok for him to call me- HOW SWEET, RIGHT?!?! and I said yes and we chatted all night like highschool and then he finally asked me on a date and the rest was history! We quickly fell in love... <3

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