Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm back! Sorry for not blogging recently, craaazzzzzy (literally) situation, but going to give it another go. It has been a while, so I will just start with what's new.

My husband and I celebrated 6 months of marriage, going on 7 now and life is wonderful. We are very blessed. We have so much to be thankful for, our beautiful home, our fun and loving family and friends, our professional careers, our health, our love for eachother and so much more.

Our neighborhood is officially full. Friends are done building their house, have closed and are moved in and I guess there was a bidding war on the foreclosed house which is now sold and occupied. Loving the hood, so many great neighbors!

For Halloween my husband and I dressed up as Native American Indians, our friends Jamie and Keith were a part of our tribe also. It was a blast (pictures to come).

This month is my birthday- turning the big 26! Can't wait. It is a very busy month- we have my bday where we will do a friends celebration, family and then a romantic lovers celebration, lol. Then, we have tons of baby's bdays. My friend Taylor's baby boy Ledger turns 1, our friend Dubi and Mariela's boy is turning 2. Our neighbors baby is going to be 1. My best friend Shelley is going to pop any day now. My friend Meredith who thank God is alive today is turning 26 the day after me and is having a miracle birthday bash. Our great friend Keith is having a birthday extravaganza and we have friends and family coming in for Thanksgiving- which we are hosting. It is going to be a very busy, fun filled month that I am very much looking forward to.

So my bestest who is due the day after my bday also is still having a suprise baby. Just for the official record, I say girl husband says boy! Now, we just wait. I have never been right on the sex before, but I think I am this time, lol. Whatever it is I cannot wait to have another baby neice/nephew because as I would say, "Friends are the family you chose".

Our poor baby boy Otis has a luxating patella and will need surgery that ranges from 3-4k per leg. It is very unfortunate, but we are very fortunate that we are able to fix him up without going broke. We love him and he is so young he is our priority. He also recently celebrated his 1st b-day!

That's all for now, more updates and pictures to come.

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