Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 years since I said goodbye to my Colon

This month marks the 2 year point when I said goodbye to my colon. It is unusual and no I don't have a bag, but it is something that every December I will always remember. I have had my fair share of health problems, mainly all focused around my stomach. It was awful, first my appendix, then my gullbladder, then pancreatitis, then after years of severe constipation (gross, I know), finally I was left with the option to contiue to hope the FDA will come out with new drugs and 1 will finally help or get my colon out, because after MANY tests it was determined my colon did not work. I could literally gain 12 pounds within a week from being backed up, it was not fun. Plus, I am anemic so you can imagine how tired I felt.

It was an extremely tough decision, it is a new surgery and there is only about 10 years of history on it, plus they compare it to open heart surgery where you just really don't know how your body will react, but I finally decided to go through with it. At this point Allan and I were dating pretty seriously for a few months and I was like oh my god, how is he going to react, am I going to need a bag? Am I going to be getting sick and running to the restroom, what is going to happen to us?? It was a lot to think about, but he was the most supportive boyfriend ever. He encouraged me and gave me strength to go through with the surgery and when I did, he did not leave my side. He was at the hospital waiting for me during surgery and then he was there every day after. He was there when I threw up and pooped all over myself (YES, it is gross, but real), he was there when I was all drugged up, he was there afterwards when I had draining blood clots. He has not left my side since. I had a wonderful outcome and I am finally feeling normal again, but still he is here and I am so thankful for God's timing, because not only did this surgery leave me stronger, but left our relationship stronger as well. My stomach makes crazy noises sometimes and I have to watch my alcohol intake, my immune system is much weaker and I catch the stomach flu a lot, but other than that 2 years in I can say I am happy I decided to do this. I had 1 of the best surgeons in the world and for his skills and the science that allowed him to do this procedure I am also thankful.

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