Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 is here & some of my bucket list

So it is 2011, crazy how time flies. It was definitely hard to come back to work today and be the start of a very busy January here in the Finance world, but good to get back into the groove of things and back to a schedule at the same time. It is very exciting that we are now entering a fresh start. I am not looking forward to the packed gym tonight, but I will get over it, I have to keep to my workout schedule. No resolutions really for me, just some personal goals that I already mentioned. I do want to create a bucket list- 1 as a couple and 1 individually, but most everything on my list will be things I want to share with my husband. 

1. Travel back to Italy (with him)

2. Run a half marathon (with him)

3. Travel to Greece

4. Travel to Uruguay

5. Travel to sooo many other places (need to make a master list so we can start checking them off)

4. Take a cooking class

5. Learn how to enjoy reading

6. Re-learn how to ride a bike (funny story I will share later)

7. Retire by no later than 55

8. Reach executive level in career

9. Move with family to another country for  a year - 2 max (preferably work will send us there)

10. Build our dream home (plan is in 5-6 years) One we have now, we love and is perfect for us now, but once we have 2 kids, we would like to start planning our home to live in for a while....

11. Buy a place in another country to retire or just for vacations- once we travel enough places we can decide where

12. Smoosh grapes with our feet to make wine

13. Go up in a hot air balloon- somewhere special on one of our vacays

14. Go diving with the husband (one of his passions)

15. Celebrate 25 and 50 years of marriage (God willing)

...this is just a start

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