Thursday, January 27, 2011

How many states have your and your honey visited??

So, my friend at work loves to go camping with her husband, they are always taking mini vacays and doing fun stuff together and I just noticed how she keeps a United States map and highlights the states that her and her husband have traveled together. Drive through doesn't count, you must spend the day doing or seeing something cool at least for it to count. Oh, and if you have been alone that doesn't count either. So I thought, OMG I have to do this!

Allan and I have only been together a few years and have done a fair amount of traveling in that time, but when I printed out the map and highlighted our measley 3 states visited together, I was sad! We have got to get cracking on highlighting our map I told him that night. We also have a HUGE list of countries we want to travel to as well, but for goodness sakes, we have got to start planning mini vacays to other states other than Florida, I want to see all the states with my hubby.

So I am thinking over the next couple of years....

We will go to Vegas for a few days and travel up to Sodono and the Grand Canyon

Go to Los Angeles and travel up the coast of Callie visiting Napa Valley and smooshing grapes with our feet

Plan a long weekend trip to NYC around Christmas time

Visit my family in Chicago

Go to DC and see all the sites together

Quick weekend beach trip to Hilton Head SC

Skiing with the family after Christmas in Salt Lake City

Ok- so I am making a goal we will do these trips (YES, all of them above within the next 3 years, plus at least 1 or 2 out of country trips). Oh boy, better start planning, this is a lot of stuff!

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