Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love & Marriage- warm brownie sundaes!

So for Allan and I, food has always played a significant part in our relationship. We've learned that there is nothing better than sharing a warm brownie sundae after a meal or a tiramsu after an italian dish and nothing better than crispy bacon, grits and pancakes on a saturday morning after bike class. We love greasy food at ball games and chicken bowls from Moe's. We love cooking and eating a huge thanksgiving feast and taco soup and chilli during cold winter nights. Good food makes our tummy's and us happy and creates warm memories. We sometimes order 2 different things and share half and almost always taste off eachother's plates, it is such an intimate moment. Now some of you may be thinking...holy pigs! yes, we probably eat too much and could definitely lose a few, but we do incorporate exercise too.

Food for us is about more than carbs and fat it is about sharing experiences. Talking about the bad day we had at work or the weird story you heard. For us, we eat at least 3 times a day, so that is a big portion of our days and as much meals as we can share together we do. We also enjoying sharing meals with our other couple friends or our families. Allan loves to marinate and season everything- he makes the BEST ribs and pork chops in the world. Me, I am all about the rachel ray, most of my dishes are quick and I must say pretty delish! We have good food chemistry. Allan likes for people to notice his great cooking and likes you to stay out of the way and only be his wing man in the kitchen. I appreciate any and all help I can get. He doesn't bake, I sometimes do. I sulk when Allan won't share dessert with me, because I always want something sweet to end my day. We love having a new restaurant to explore and hitting up our local favorites. Yes we eat out waaaay too much, but it is what it is. We enjoy this time together when we can just sit, relax, enjoy something tasty and talk about our days. Meals are such a great way for couples to connect.

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