Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My poor baby boy and his luxating patellas!

I haven't shared this yet, but Otis, our pup recently had his 2 surgeries on his 2 back legs. It has been a LooooNG couple months with taking him back and fourth to the specialty vet and the $6k that the surgery cost was not easy to swallow either, but he is worth it. Over Christmas his leg didn't seem to be getting better and I had a bad feeling something was wrong, so I took him back and sure enough, his second leg he had surgery on was once again out of place and he needed a 3rd surgery! OMG!! I was in tears & angry & just felt terrible for him (and us). Doc said this is the first time, yes, the first, that he has seen this happen in a small dog like him. He had his surgery yesterday and I get to pick him up today. I can't wait to see my little guy. I hope this is it for him and after his 6weeks of bed rest he lives a long, healthy life. We just love our pups so much!

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