Thursday, March 31, 2011

You try your whole life to avoid it, then when you are fall short!

I am talking about #pregnancy! I have known people who have gotten pregnant young, not married, no insurance, careers not in place and while the situation sucks, you always hope the baby ends up being "a blessing" and it usually does. For me and for many, many people this was one of my biggest fears. I always had a plan and while I knew life never went exactly according to plan, I thought it was better to have one than not.

After marrying AL, we quickly knew we wanted to have kids. We were at a good place in our lives, in love, great jobs, INSURANCE (LOL), a big home, supportive family and friends and...yes, we were married before even getting pregnant. I am not going to lie, it felt good. I gave thanks to God for allowing me all these wonderful blessings. So, we quickly began to not avoid getting pregnant, then we became more eager and started "trying" to get pregnant. Month after month, it was a big negative. It seemed like my biggest fear was coming true: Not being able to have babies.

I went to my doctor to ask for some standard tests back in October/November. Most docs will make you wait a year of trying before even starting to give you tests, especially at my age, but with my history of surgeries and my persistence, the doc agreed to get the ball moving. I had about 3 standard tests: tube openings, blood hormone tests and regular history. Everything checked out. Then, the doc sent Allan to have an analysis.

Here is where the bad news started. Turns out, due to a problem with a vein it would be very very difficult for us to have babies naturally, at least for now. See, Allan's condition was treatable through surgery, but there was no estimate on how long it could take afterwards to correct itself and how much it would correct itself. After seeing 4 different doctors, we ended up with Doctor Super in January- our reproductive doctor who we now adore! He told us if we want a baby in the near future, #IVF was our only option.

Wow...only option, this was tough to swallow, even though I had prepared myself for this outcome. He was great, he took us through everything and was blunt about the physical, emotional and financial pains it would cause. I didn't want to think about it for months to come, so my first reaction was when could we get started. You have to start on a certain day of your period, so after a couple more tests by Doctor Super to verify findings, we ordered our meds, put our $__k deposit down (CRAAZZZY- "Al does not want me to tell everyone how much we spent"), and started preparing ourselves to not have a life outside of these shots for the next few months.

Here we go, our IVF Journey has begun....

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