Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2nd post from IVF Journal- 1/3/2011

Wow! In less than a week, Saturday the 9th to be exact, we will be starting our IVF process officially- meaning I will be getting shots daily from my nurse, also known as my husband. Last week we took the hour long training and did the test run to make sure the doctor was able to easily insert the embryo. Everything went well, but to say my nerves are starting to get to me would be an understatement. I am trying to act brave and be strong, but I keep crying and just feel so emotional. I don’t know if it is going to get easier or harder once we actually get started on this very strict schedule, but I am ready to get that first shot over with. It has been a struggle, we have spent thousands on our dog, who we just found out needed a 3rd surgery. We had a bird fall out of the sky and hit our car on NYE and I am just trying my hardest to not get sick. They say not to stress during the process, so I am trying to tie up all these lose ends and relax, but I think it is impossible to really relax fully during this. My husband is the best, he is doing what he can to make me feel better and I know at times I am an emotional roller coaster, but I know he is there and he is going to be a great nurse. I am scared as hell, but trying to keep my eye on the prize.

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