Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3rd Post from IVF Journal- 1/6/11

So, 3 days until we start the shots and we have yet to receive them. After about 15 phone calls to the mail order pharmacy’s and the nurse to get all the prescriptions straightened out, I think we are almost there and looks like we SHOULD be ok and receive everything sent over night on time. I have to sign for most of the medication, so having it sent to work, hope it is not obvious that a huge package of needles is coming to me, lol. I cannot believe that we are starting this process so soon. I am super excited, but still scared as hell. The financial, emotional and physical stress you go through for this process is something no one could ever understand until you do it. People think it is a couple thousand dollars, a couple shots and wham you are pregnant….WRONG!

It is A LOT of money, A LOT of shots and medication, and there is no guarantee. Not to mention the very strict schedule, the bloating, the back aches, the headaches, the weight gain and being so uncomfortable you can’t even work out, the emotional stress, the mood swings, and more that come along with all of it. I know of people it has been successful with and I know of people who it hasn’t, so more than anything it is just the anticipation of waiting for that blood test result and hoping & praying they say congratulations. I still haven’t told my dad. At first, we thought we wouldn’t tell anyone and maybe we shouldn’t have, but I needed some support and we told a couple very close friends, then we decided we should tell our immediate family, I started with my mom. I don’t know if it was a good idea or not, she freaks out all the time, but she is my mom ya know. My sister really couldn’t be less interested, so that was easy. Then, my dad and Jennifer, we decided to tell them on Christmas eve, but never had the right opportunity. I am torn, I want to tell my dad when we do become pregnant in a really funny way, but if we tell him this it will be less of a surprise. I don’t want my family and closest friends to worry or feel sorry for us, but I do want them to know why we may be distant or saving money or just emotionally stressed out and I do want them to pray for us. I know Allan and I will be wonderful parents and I just cannot wait to experience the whole journey with him.

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