Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear baby blueberry,


Dear baby blueberry,

Today you are about 7.5 weeks old and growing fast. On Monday we get to see and hear you again and we can hardly wait! All I think about all day, besides puking, is that I hope you are ok. I am trying to exercise to keep you healthy, but not over do it. I am super duper tired all day long and the nausea is never ending. It is morning, day and night! I hope that is a good sign of a beautiful, healthy baby. I can’t wait to start shopping for you and decorating your new room, it is going to be so much fun! Your daddy has been reading all about what is going on with your growth and all mommy’s symptoms. He has been cooking me dinner almost every night and even cleaning the dishes. He is going to be the best dad ever! Well, that’s all for now. We love you!

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