Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear baby pea,


Dear baby pea (your current size),

Today your daddy and I got to see you in my belly for the first time and hear your heart beat. It was absolutely amazing, I cried. You have been making me EXTREMELY tired and for the past few days I have been very nauseated, but you are so worth it. Already I love you so much and think about you all day. We are currently 6w4d into our 9 month journey together and I am just praying for your safety. I want the best for you and we cannot wait to see more pics of you and get to meet you. Oh, and I forgot to mention…you are due on Halloween! Your dad jokes about naming you Freddy, but don’t you worry, I won’t let him. It is a quinkie-dink that Halloween was the first time your daddy told me he loves me. Please stay warm in my belly and keep growing. We love you!

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