Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IVF Post- 2/14/11


So this past weekend started with us watching this horrible dateline special about a woman who had IVF and was given the wrong embryo’s and got pregnant! This was the worst timing considering our transfer was Saturday morning. I had nightmares all night even though I knew this was not going to happen to us, it was just awful to think about it. Saturday morning we woke up early and started with breakfast and lots and lots of water as I was told to drink 50 oz. starting about an hour before my appointment. By this point Allan and I had pretty much decided we would transfer 2 embryos. We arrive at the doc and they call our name. We got back into the ultrasound room and see a picture on the screen of 1 of our embryos, how exciting!! After they scan my bladder to make sure it is full, we talk to the doctor and the embryologist and they convince us to do 1. So here we go, they begin and I feel extremely shaky. I am so emotional and nervous and excited that I take a couple deep breaths and pull myself together. Allan watches the whole thing on the ultrasound screen and then a couple minutes later it’s over and they begin the 5 minute timer. “ok, time’s up, you can go pee and get dressed now”…wow, all I could think is really, that’s it. Then, we get our discharge instructions, our 10 day blood work appt and we go home with our picture of our baby!  Now, it’s the waiting game. All weekend I had to rest, now today I am back to work. I forgot my badge again this morning and just thinking oh great another week like this. I am just less and less myself each day. My mind and body have been taken over by this whole experience. Now, I just wait as I am very nervous, very excited and just plain scared.

Scared for many reasons, scared it may not work and I have to tell all my family and the few co-workers who know what’s going on about its failure. Scared that we may not ever be able to have a family, and even a little scared about wow, we may be parents! Tonight is Valentine’s Day and I am looking forward to a nice dinner with the hubby before we have to rush home to take our progesterone shot. Then…more waiting. Hopefully the week won’t be too terrible and there is plenty of good TV to keep my busy as I rest.

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