Thursday, April 21, 2011

We are having a baby!!!


OMG, we are pregnant! 4 weeks!! Wow, this has been such a whirlwind. I cheated and took some tests on my own during my 2 week wait. The first was negative, but it was too soon and I knew that. The next 3 were positive!! Although it was not 100%, I was so overwhelmed with excitement. Went to the doctor and took my blood test on Tuesday morning & waited all day for them to call. Then, I missed their call b/c I was in a meeting and when I got out, they were closed. BUMMER!! I listened to Dr.’s message like 5 times to see if his voice sounded happy or sad, haha. This morning I called at 8 am sharp and they said it was definitely a positive!! OMG, HOORAY! I still can’t quite believe it. I am so excited, but so worried. I don’t want anything to go wrong over the next few weeks. Tomorrow I go in again to make sure my HCG is doubling. If it is, that is a good sign, if not, that is bad. Then, next week I will go 1 more time for the usual blood work, then a week from that….heartbeat time! Oh my geez, I can hardly wait. Although our baby is currently only the size of a grain of sand, I love him or her soooo much!

Oh, and predictions on the sex are already coming in. Mom, Allan and Dubi all say boy. We shall see.

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