Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear baby raspberry,


Dear baby Raspberry,

I can’t believe you are already almost an inch big! Today we got to see you again, 8wks1day. It was so cool, this time you could actually see your head and body. Your heart was beating sooo fast, 176bpm. It was amazing! Dr. Straub released us and told us we could quit taking the shots, we went to Applebee’s to celebrate you and the fact that we don’t have to take the shots. Yum, triple chocolate meltdown!! It was a sad, but happy day. The people there have become sorta like friends and now, hopefully if all is well, we won’t have to see them for a while, but I plan to stop by when I figure out your sex and when you arrive with pictures of course. Every second of every day I am just hoping and praying you are doing ok. I am trying to be the best mommy possible, getting lots of sleep and plenty of exercise, but it sure is hard when I am exhausted and nauseous all day! You are worth it. We can’t wait to see you again. We love you!

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