Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear my little Orange,

You are getting so big, and so am I, LOL!! This weekend your daddy and I went for our 1st 3d ultrasound and it was amazing. You were moving around and kicking me like crazy- although, I can't feel it yet. Everytime we get the opportunity to see you I feel so thankful. We found out what you are and I am super excited. We are revealing to the whole family and our best friends on Saturday at dinner, it should be lots of fun!

The furniture store called and said your furniture was in so we are going to go pick that up this weekend, we hope you like your room, we are working really hard on it. We are going for a fun, but relaxing room. Also, Grandma brought over my old toy box this weekend and we are completely refurbishing it for you, it is going to look great. I started buying your wardrobe this weekend, I mean once I found out your sex, how could I not.

I have my 16 week check up next week and although we don't get to see you, we should be able to listen to your heart beat and I cannot wait! Until then, please stay safe and there and just elbow me if I am doing anything you don't like. We love you!


Mommy & Daddy

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