Friday, May 27, 2011

Timeshares- a do or a don't?

So on our recent trip to Cancun we attended 1 of those lovely timeshare meetings in order to save a couple hundred bucks on some activities. We have been to them before and went in thinking no way, we are not going to do it, let's just sit through it and get it over with. Well, we stayed at the Westin Resort in Cancun and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Westin or Starwood hotels are all VERY nice. Once they started going into their program- the points and options system, we were almost sold. If it weren't for baby G in the tummy we would have probably signed that day, but we didn't. We did however purchase the mini- timeshare package and have the option in that payment going toward our big payment if we decide to buy there in the next 2 years. The mini package contains 75,000 hotel points- which would cover at least our 10 day Euro trip and a 6 night, 7 day stay back at the Westin Cancun Resort in the 2 bedroom villa- which is super nice.

We think Cancun is a perfect yearly family vacation spot. Beautiful beaches, cheap and short flight, and great place to bring family and friends. However, we want to travel the world, so we know we won't go there every single year and even the ones we do, we want our 1 week there and 1 week somewhere else. That is the great thing about their package- it has those options.

We definitely won't be deciding on anything anytime soon, but we are highly considering buying a timeshare with Starwood and it is something we are kind of excited about.

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