Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear my beautiful Cantaloupe,

Oh my, I cannot believe we are halfway through this little journey together. Today is our confirmation appointment with the doctor to reveal your sex. While I will be thrilled if you were a boy or a girl, I have really got you an awesome wardrobe full of outfits, socks, shoes, hats & bows so....hoping I don't have to spend the whole weekend returning things. If I do, it is ok though, I will find plenty of cute things in blue too.

So here are some updates for you:

- Daddy and I have your room 85% complete.

-We have booked both our maternity photo shoot and your newborn photo shoot and as soon as I get confirmation on your sex I will start ordering your outfits for your newborn shoot.

-We have started our registry and will probably finish it up this weekend- Only the best for you my sweet baby!

-We have filled out our life insurance policies and making sure you are all set should anything ever happen to us (God forbid).

We are soooo excited to meet you and we love you so much!

Mom & Dad

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