Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Loving my new mommy car!!

So it was a little sad trading in the BMW, but I promised AL in 5 years if he wants we will get the super nice and spacious 5 series. Right now we need to be saving for the $1,000 a month day care and get something a little more spacious. We ended up getting the Honda Pilot Touring which I absolutely love and I think Allan is loving it too. We got another black car, but this one has the black leather interior too. It is super nice and has sooo many options.

Leather heated seats, sunroof, bug shield on front and sunroof, guard rails, fog lights, navigation, DVD, bluetooth, USB adapter, 3rd row, automatic trunk lift gate, rubber mats were added on top of the others for extra kid proof, sun shields built in for the kids, rear view back up camera, sensors on front, sides and back, 6 disc CD changer- I mean it even saves Allan and I's seat settings according to which key we unlock with and has a button for driver 1 & 2! I absolutely cannot rave enough about the car, I love it! So- as we do love to always have a nice, newer car, we are planning to keep this one for at least 5 years so we have a good year or 2 without car payments. I think we can do it, it is a great family car!!

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