Monday, July 25, 2011

Go Hubby!

Let me start this post by saying man o man, God is good! Our lives have been so blessed these past few years. We met, we fell in love, we got married, we bought a house, we struggled to conceive- but we did, and now we are awaiting the birth of our amazing baby girl. God has been so good to us in so, so many ways. My husband has been on and off looking for a job for almost a year. Again- this was on and off and at times I would hardly call it looking, but over the past few months he has gotten really serious and been on quite a few interviews including second and third interviews which he ended up in 2nd place on like 4 opportunities. He was getting discouraged and starting to give up.

My husband and I met at work. I worked in finance and had a really good thing going for me, he worked in IT and had a great job, but wasn't given the face time and opportunities that I was. Being in finance at a mid-sized company, I knew a lot, probably too much at times and when things began getting really rocky I was set that one of us needed to get out of there in case something were to happen we both wouldn't be jobless. I would have preferred this be him because I was in such a great role and constantly given advancement opportunities. However, at the time he seemed to be not quite ready to put in the work to find a new job and wasn't really  getting a lot of action on his resume. I on the other hand, found multiple opportunities and offers right away. I was very fortunate to decide on something at a huge company (resume booster) that was less than 10 miles from home- can you say quality of life!! Through out the next year things at his job continued to get more and more rocky and the drive downtown every day was less and less appealing. I pushed him hard, maybe too hard at points to search and get his resume out there and he finally got on board and did it. He went on several interviews, spent hours and hours on them and even got his heart really set on a few things which fell through. He was down on himself and wasn't sure how many more times he could come in 2nd place. I told him listen, they are great practice and eventually you are going to find something great and be the 1st place guy. And...guess what, he did!! He found a job right down the street from me and starts in 2 weeks! I am sooo excited for him and our little growing family. How nice is it that we will both be within 9 miles from home and we can have lunch together, both help out with daycare and doctor duties and be able to leave work, go to the gym and be home. No more 2 hour commutes! I don't think he will realize how nice it is to not make that drive until he starts, but man, I feel so blessed.

Go AL! I am so proud of you!

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