Friday, July 22, 2011


I can definitely say that the nesting has begun. I have been going through closets, drawers and everything you can think of just getting the house ready for baby Gianna and I am just getting started. Now that her room is pretty much complete and I don't need to buy anything else for her until after the baby shower, I am just getting everything else in order. Last night we cleaned out the office closet. My husband is a cord hoarder- haha I know it sounds ridiculous but we had laptop power cords to sooo many laptops of which we don't own and you should have seen how many cables and other cords we had...we kept 1 box, but threw away a huge box and have 1 to take to goodwill. I will call it a success. I recently updated all the hangers in my closet to be matching- the slim fit ones and so I have ordered for Allan too and when they arrive I will start on his. I have updated my magazine subscriptions- I have to get my reading in somehow right?! I ordered a new duvet cover from pottery barn and an organizing system. I am selling some things on ebay and donating many many others and dang, it feels great!

I feel like if she decides to come early we will be semi prepared and I must admit, I love being ahead of the game. I work full time and plan to continue and I just don't want to have all kinds of crap to do last minute. We already have the car seat and stroller and basically all the clothes we need- everything else is on our registry and ready to go. We still need to watch our happiest baby on the block dvd for our training and so many other things, but it is great to be checking things off the list.  

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