Thursday, August 4, 2011

28 wks- Growth ultrasound and 1 hr glucose test today!

Today is our 28 week appt. and it is not only our growth ultrasound to check on Gianna's weight and size, but also my 1 hour glucose test.

Just ate- 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 1 pc of wheat toast ....booo, no bagel and iced mocha this morning :( 

Appt time= 1:30 and after that dinner- CARBS!!! Ahhh!

I figure eat early and water, water, water until appt. Yes, I am going to be suffering come my normal lunch time (11:30), but I really, really want to pass!

I have lots to update the doc on today- Swelling, heart rate, watery eyes, cramps and hoping they are all just the normal stuff and it isn't anything too serious. Also, another weigh in today. As readers know I did IVF and gained quite a bit from that, so as of today I am up to 30 pound weight gain total (10 from injection period). I "THINK" I have only gained 1 pound since my 24 week appt, but we will see what their scale says. I would loooove to stay under 40, but as long as G is healthy, I will be ok.

My amazing hubby is coming to this looong appt with me today and today is also his last day of work at his old gig! Tomorrow he is off, his bro and family are coming in for the weekend and Monday he starts his new job.


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