Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Gianna,

I can't believe how time flies. In 10 weeks or less you will be entering this universe and changing me and your daddy's lives forever! We can't wait to meet you and just pray each and every day that you are a healthy, happy baby. We keep imagining what you will look like, but one thing is certain, we know you will be beautiful!

You are now the size of a squash and boy oh boy are you making mommy uncomfortable, lol. I can barely walk to my car in the afternoon without feeling like I am going to die. My back is constantly aching and you are a little wiggle worm moving around all day. This weekend we went to your baby shower and boy were you showered with love and gifts galore!

Tomorrow I have a check up with the doc, no pics this time I don't think :( but hopefully everything is looking good and you will continue to nest in there until you are ready to come out. We love you!

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