Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello Cankles!

Well, this weekend didn't exactly go as planned, but we did manage to get a lot of our plans in. Friday night we saw Captain America and had dinner (date night). All week I had been complaining about my eyes and itchy ankles...well by the time we got home from the movie, my fingers, knees, ankles and feet were huge and I finally made the correlation that I didn't have bug bites - I had puffiness!! UGH, I hate cankles, I have small cute ankles with well defined calves (actually one of the parts of my bod I like), well not anymore! :(

The cankles weren't the only thing going on. I also was experiencing very watery eyes and headaches- all of this points to preeclampsia! OH NO!!! Say it isn't so. I called my nurse and she told me to be on bedrest the rest of the weekend, no heat and water, water, water. She said I could go out to grab a bite, but that was it. I have my 28 week appointment on Thursday and they will do some further testing to determine if this stuff going on is just crappy, normal pregnancy stuff or if I really am developing preeclampsia. I pray everything is ok, I am definitely feeling nervous though.

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