Thursday, August 11, 2011

More results...

So this week I had 2 appts. My 3 hour glucose and my first monitoring of my amniotic fluid. Good news on both! YAY! I passed my 3 hour glucose which wasn't too much of a suprise since I only failed the 1 hour by 1 point, but I am super happy because this means I don't have to say goodbye to carbs and sweets, my 2 favs! Also, my fluid is still low and still considered high risk, but it came up a little over 1 point in just 6 days, so the resting and increased fluids are definitely helping.

Now, I just have to keep up what I am doing in hopes it will come up even more and take iron supplements to hopefully get that up as well.

Also, they said Gianna was in the 77th percentile so at least I know she is healthy!

Good stuff!

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