Thursday, August 18, 2011

People are all about the advice...

So listen, I am not an ungrateful person at all, but unsolicited advice or "2 cents" is not always needed. I don't know if it is my pregnancy hormones or what, but people and their freaking 2 cents are so annoying.

For example when I say I slept horrible and people say, "Oh well sleep while you can, that will be a thing of the past soon." Listen, I know when my baby firsts gets here I won't be getting any sleep, but I am not getting any right now either- so shut it! Also, just because your child is 2 and still sleeps in the bed and cries all night doesn't mean mine won't be sleeping 8 hours.

Or when I say oh my gosh, I am getting so huge and uncomfortable and someone says "oh, just wait till what your body looks like after the baby". Like...screw you, not everyone looks worse after baby than before, so many women I know look their best after bearing a baby.

These are just a couple of examples of what is making me go nuts these days!

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