Wednesday, October 26, 2011

5 days till due date!

OMG, I cannot believe we are to the 5 day countdown and our little girl is not here yet. I am begining to feel so discouraged, which I know is ridiculous and totally normal at the same time. She is sooo big and they have been saying this whole time she would be early, but so far, nothing. I have been soooo uncomfortable, having braxton hicks, horrible painful swelling and this EXTREME pressure on my cervix since she is sitting so low. I am about 70% effaced, but barely (1cm or less) dilated. Doc says for first time moms it is completely normal to not dilate much at all before labor begins, so I am hoping that is the case, but if she hasn't come on her own by Monday we are scheduling a date sometime before next Thursday to get induced. It is super exciting to know that one way or another she will be here in a week, but scary too!!

At my appt on Monday they will of course check my progress and get a date (either Wed or Thurs) on the calendar to get induced. They will also be doing a growth ultrasound to check her approximate size and my fluid levels one last time.

I hope she will decide to come on her own. I would love sooner than later, b/c I am STRUGGLING! But...whatever happens, I feel confident we will have a happy, healthy baby by next weekend! :)

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