Thursday, October 6, 2011

Car seats & strollers

So we have our car seat installed and our stroller is ready. We still need to install the convertible car seat in the husband's car, but we have the infant one ready to go. Here are the products we decided on.

First, we decided on the citi mini stroller- LOVE! It is lightweight, cute and practical. It was only around $250. Originally we were going to get this and the BOB for strolls/jogging- but since we "think" we want to have another fairly close in age, we decided to wait to make the investment on the double BOB. My boss gave me an older fancy jogging stroller that I we will use in the mean time.

We decided on the Chicco Key Fit infant car seat. It is compatible with the citimini stroller and we have heard great things about it, so it was an easy decision.

Originally, we bought 2 bases for the infant seat, but then thought, since she won't be in the truck too often, why spend $80 on a base when we can just go ahead and get a convertible seat and put it in the truck for when it is needed.  So for the convertible car seat we decided on the Britax Marathon- we read great things about the Britax and the seat goes from birth to like 70 pounds. It was a big investment at almost $300, but everyone from consumer reports to the lady at babies r us said it was the best, so we were sold!

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