Monday, July 22, 2013

52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose::If I Could be Anything

This seems like it would be an easy topic, but it is very difficult for me. The first thing that ran through my head was career- what career would I pick if I could pick anything? Yikes, I don't know. Do I think I would have picked what I am doing? No, probably not, although it is a great job I am sure I can come up with something a little more fun then crunching numbers.

When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina, then a Star tap dancer on broadway, then a talk show host, then a lawyer which lasted through freshman year in college when I decided to go into Accounting/Finance and Business. Today, I would LOVE to say I am a successful entrepreneur, but nope, I am working in Corporate America which allows me to come home and see my family and reap the benefits of affordable health insurance, retirement plans, etc. This leads me into the real answer to this question. If I could be anything, it would be...a mom and a wife! No matter what career I would have chosen the biggest dream I have always had was to walk down the aisle to an amazing man and have a beautiful family! SO... while I do consider myself successful in my career and my husband too, of course I dream of having more, but ultimately, I have it all. A great husband and 2 beautiful, healthy children! I am exactly where I have always dreamed of being and that feels great! Anything that comes after this point is just icing on the cake.


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