Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting to know Gianna

Lately I have been blogging a lot about our new baby boy, but I wanted to also brag a little bit about our beautiful little girl, Gianna. Since she came into our lives in October 2011, we have been the happiest people in this world. She has truly changed our lives in the most amazing way possible. We worked extremely hard to get her and couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect little girl.

Today she is almost 21 months old and an absolute little diva in the making. She LOVES to dance and we just signed her up for 2 yr old ballet which starts in September, very exciting! One time in church a couple months ago the band, which her Grandpa sings in, started playing and she got up and pulled daddy into the aisle with her to dance, then she took the offering basket and put it o her head. She is the cutest! She also loves her dogs, loves hats (hence the offering basket), loves all dairy- yogurt, milk, ice-cream, cheese, loves her new baby brother, loves to talk and is really doing wonderful at it, loves the outdoors, loves her daddy a ton, loves bath time and loves to sleep!

She has a very spunky, demanding, sweet personality and just started this new shy thing which is adorable. She is the type of little girl who makes a new friend on the playground and wants to hold their hand (adorable!). She pulls mommy and daddy to the fridge to tell us to "open" then tells us what she wants to eat. She loves on her baby brother and shares her toys even though he cannot yet play with them. She throws tantrums with the best of them and we sometimes refer to her as "Mariah", because her lungs are insane! She loves to read books with mommy before bed, but is VERY specific about which ones she wants to read. She stopped drinking from a bottle completely before her first birthday, she has had juice less than a handful of times, but has had cookies, cake and ice-cream on too many occasions to count (YUM!). She loves fruit, veggies not so much and is so so on meat.

She has the cutest brown, wavy hair and the prettiest big brown eyes and oh man, her daddy is Indian so she gets the greatest tans which all of her friends will one day be jealous of I know. Our little girl is so incredible I could talk about her forever, we feel so very blessed to have her in our lives, to hear her sweet giggles and see her beautiful smiles, to comfort her when she has a boo boo and to cuddle with her when she is tired. We thank God for her each and every day!


  1. She is beautiful! I started my daughter in gymnastics at 2 and ballet shortly after, and she loves it. She's only four now but still loves it all.

  2. aww thanks so much Angela, we are hoping she loves it too!