Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Never Ever Ever Link up

I'm doing another link up with Shelley, Stephanie and Neely about what I would "Never Ever Ever" say or do.

- Never ever ever will I sky dive, nope not even for a million dollars, although I wish it wasn't true, I am a complete sissy!
- Never ever ever will I try unusual foods. Again, I wish I was more open minded (like my husband) but I will stick to chicken and turkey as my meats of choice, thanks!
- Never ever will I not worry about my children. I mean does it ever end, from the time they are learning to crawl to the time they are learning to drive and so on, I see many a bottles of wine in my future.
- Never ever ever will I give up on my family (husband and children)
- Never ever ever will I allow my kids to be rude to people for no reason
- I hope to Never ever ever go without a cleaning service again. They only come once a month right now, but gosh the way they clean those showers and dust...Amazing and worth every penny
- Never ever ever will I stop dreaming. Life is great, it is absolutely, positively amazing, but I will probably always dream of more. More for my family that is. Vacations, experiences, you name it! I will never ever ever allow them to take it for granted though- we will always try and give back no matter how much or little we have.

These are just a few of the things I will Never ever ever do. I am scared to say what I would never ever ever say, because sometimes things come out of this mouth that I greatly regret.

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